Family and Real Estate Law in Orange County, CA

Legal Resources

We’re proud to provide you with the following resources:

Professional Organizations and Governmental Agencies

  • State of California Websites

    Supreme Court of California, Orange County
    Details of court locations, hours, court calendar and other useful information.

    Orange County Bar Association
    Website offers a wide range of information regarding attorneys and services available through the OCBA.

    California Codes
    Legislative Council of California website provides on-line information about a wide range of California Code sections.

    California State Constitution
    Legislative Council of California website provides searchable database of the Articles of the California State Constitution.

    California State Bar
    Visit the California State Bar Association website to learn about the public services available as well as review attorney records and legislative news. 

    Federal Government Websites:

    Internal Revenue Service
    General information available regarding various individual and business tax information.

    Social Security Administration
    The offical website of the Social Security Administration offers information that is useful in various situations. 
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